Writing for Your Life

July 13, 201911:00 am11:50 am
Are you passionate about spiritual writing? Writing for Your Life is here to help you gain inspiration and knowledge to empower your writing.

We offer a wide variety of practical free resources and paid services to support spiritual writers, including our popular free weekly email newsletter that includes articles and video clips about spiritual writing. We partner with leading spiritual authors and publishing industry experts to provide in-person writing conferences and online webinars. Authors discuss and teach about various aspects of spiritual writing. Industry experts offer advice on how to get published and how to market. We cannot guarantee that you will become a best-selling author, but we will help you take your best shot. Learn to tell your own story; write for your life!

Our conferences have a reputation for very high quality speakers and strong collegiality, and have been consistently ranked 4.5 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5.

In this session learn more about Writing for Your Life resources, conferences, and services – when, where, who – and how you can get involved.

12:00 am Brian Allain