Weaving Your Heart to the Heart of God through Centering Prayer

July 13, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
When God seems like background noise and faith becomes pretense, an ancient/new prayer practice may get your spirit singing again. It is not about speaking or doing anything the ‘right’ way… it is learning to quiet your mind and open it to God’s Spirit. It is simply, beautifully, making your heart open to God’s heart – with no worry, fear or judgment. This is about shared joy. Like seeing an old friend when words are not necessary, Centering Prayer is a mind/body/soul connection with the Creator. The brief time in this session will be a primer on connecting to God in a way you never thought possible. Meant to be practiced every day Centering Prayer brings inner healing, wholeness, and self-acceptance. If you long to find delight in God and know God’s delight in you, this is one possible path. All faith traditions are welcome.
12:00 am Jill Schneider Smith