The Transformation of a Mom to an Activist

July 12, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
I have a confession to make: I thought I was this progressive, theologically liberal clergy woman taking a stand for justice and that I was doing all that I could. Then I had a wake up call. I realized that I was barely scratching the surface. If something wasn’t “my issue”, I wasn’t showing up to a rally or an event because it wasn’t “mine”. It has now clicked in my brain that just because it isn’t “my issue” doesn’t mean that it isn’t my issue. It is my issue. Why? Because somebody’s hurting my brother/sister/sibling and it’s gone on far too long. It’s gone on far too long and I won’t be silent anymore. Therefore, that’s why I am showing to a Black Lives Matter Rally, a Transgender Rights March, a Pride parade with drag queens, a press conference on immigration at the Cal-Mexico border and doing direct action with the Poor People’s Campaign. Let us share our stories of transformation, our sermon ideas for a revolution of hope and brainstorm how we can strengthen our communities through showing up for justice. Silence is violence and it is no longer an option to stand on the sidelines. Today is the day to get in the game. Today is the day to take a stand.
12:00 am Pamela Anderson