The Spiritually Grounded Activist: Myth or Real-Life Movement Unicorn?

July 13, 201910:00 am10:50 am
You care about social justice – not in spite of your faith but because of it – but you’ve been in the fight long enough to know that your outrage alone can’t sustain you. You know that building “Beloved Community” takes more than thoughts, prayers and self-care, but protesting and social justice warrior-ing have started to leave you feeling drained and wondering about real impact. Ritual and spiritual practices can be healing, but can also feel selfish in the face of so much injustice around you. You’re too contemplative for your activist friends and too restless and angry for the mystics. Is there really such a thing as spiritually grounded activism? How do we fiercely advocate for the oppressed without losing our own souls? Come explore ways to advocate without being adversarial, to stand in solidarity without demonizing the other, and learn tools, methods, and practices that feed our souls for the long journey ahead.
12:00 am Jacqui Buschor