Restorative Practices: Humans Being

July 12, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
This session is designed to complement the “Listening from the Heart” session – and, each
session is complete in its own right. The intended outcome of this Restorative Practices session is
that each participant connects with another person’s story on a gut level and that even though the
specific circumstances of our stories are different, we can relate to the humanity in others’
stories, allowing us to be with their humanity as well as our own.
Utilizing the intentionally open-ended restorative questions and a structured witnessing process,
a safe space will be created such that a storyteller can explore their own story in a new way.
Often, the story teller has an experience of being heard at a deeper level than they have been
heard before.
Participants will leave with a deeper sense of relatedness and a concrete process of inquiry for
12:00 am Mike Phillips