Release: A Charismystical Dance Worship Experience

July 12, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
Many people who come to Wild Goose have had some kind of history with charismatic/Pentecostal Christianity. Usually this history is a mixed bag: charismatic Christianity is often toxic, manipulative, and heteropatriarchal, but it can also involve powerful spiritual encounters that we miss when we have left it behind. Release is an opportunity to experience a non-scary charismatic spirituality in a completely new mystical paradigm that is liberating, radically inclusive, and non-manipulative. It will take the form of a dance party in which improvisational electronic dance music is complemented by spontaneous singing, poetry, prophecy, and other spiritual acts as we are led. You don’t have to be charismatic or even Christian to enjoy it, and you don’t even have to dance. It’s a judgment-free space where you have absolute permission to move your body and spirit exactly as you feel led.
12:00 am Morgan Guyton
12:00 am Bec Cranford