Parenting While in a Major Faith Shift (Panel)

July 13, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
Faith shifting, deconstruction, possibly reconstruction in fits and stages of some sort, is a challenging, exhausting, and slow process under any circumstances. Doing so while also parenting children can feel utterly overwhelming. Are we hurting our children? What about their spirituality and friends at church? How do we navigate the often suffocating pressure from well-meaning family members who worry that it isn’t just our eternal salvation that is now at risk but also our children’s? We parents in a faith shift need to connect and hear from each other that we aren’t alone. We need to share our resources, ideas, hearts, and space to be on this journey together. Come for a parent support session facilitated by Daneen Akers, Brian McLaren, and Micky Scottbey Jones
12:00 am Daneen Akers
12:00 am Micky ScottBey Jones
12:00 am Brian McLaren