Sending the Goose with Yvette Flunder, Gwen Fry, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Ken Medema and others

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July 14, 201911:00 am12:00 pm
Bishop Flunder, one of the world’s best loved, most called on, and most anticipated preachers will fan the flames of the Spirit in our “going out, sending off” finale. Serendipity will likely show up dressed in Wild Goose clothes. Bishop Flunder will be supported by Beth Nielsen Chapman, Ken Medema, Wild Goose House Band, and others. Goose community leader Gwen Fry will lead us in the celebration of communion and then we’ll begin to hug our way home.
12:00 am Yvette Flunder
12:00 am Beth Nielsen Chapman
12:00 am Ken Medema

The Wild Goose Gathering Party with The Collection

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July 11, 20198:15 pm9:15 pm
It’s opening night – it’s coming home – it’s greeting old friends and making new ones – it’s a high energy, high hopes, dance until your feet are too dirty to clean good time – it’s Wild Goose favorite The Collection!

NPR says The Collection is uplifting and Wild Goose knows that’s true. Get lifted up! The Collection will bring new meaning to the term BRING IT!

12:00 am The Collection

The Work That Reconnects

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July 13, 201910:00 am10:50 am
We exist within an epoch of immense progress-however, also incredible disconnection. The dis-ease created by isolation from one another, from creator and creation, and from our own self, is tangible. We need new ways, paired with strong foundations. In this talk Rainier looks at what it means to re-discover these lost connections, and utilize traditional faith streams to anchor us into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
12:00 am Rainier Wylde

After All That, Why Stay Christian?

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July 12, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
Our life experiences do not always make faith easy, obvious, or rational—and yet we stay anyway. Why? It’s a question I get a lot, ask my self a lot, and ask of others a lot. When our “faith systems” stop making sense, do we stay out of fear, habit, or social conformity? Authenticity in the life of faith invites us to articulate with transparency—and in community—our own processing of these and other questions.
12:00 am Pete Enns

LIsa Gungor

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July 12, 201910:00 am10:50 am
Lisa Gungor thought she knew her own story: small-town girl meets boy in college and they blissfully walk down the aisle into happily ever after. Their Christian faith was their lens and foundation for everything—their marriage, their music, their dreams for the future. But as their dreams began to come true, she began to wonder if her religion was really representative of the ‘good news’ she had been taught.

She never expected the questions to lead as far as they did when her husband told her he no longer believed in God. The death of a friend, the unraveling of relationships and career, the loss of a worldview, and the birth of a baby girl with two heart defects all led Lisa to a tumultuous place; one of depression and despair. And it was there that her perspective on everything changed. The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seentells the story of what can happen when you dare to let go of what you think to be true; to shift the kaleidoscope and see new colors and dimension by way of broken pieces.

Lisa’s eloquent, soul-stirring memoir brings you to a music stage before thousands of fans and a front porch where two people whisper words that scare them to the core. It is the story of how doubt can spark the beginning of deeper faith; how a baby born with a broken heart can bring love and healing to the hearts of many, and ultimately, how the hardest experience in life often ends up saving us.

12:00 am Lisa Gungor

Mathew Paul Turner

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July 12, 201910:00 am10:50 am
Best-selling children’s book author, Matthew Paul Turner, will read his books and talk about why he started writing books for kids.

For kids, families, lovers of children’s books, or those interested in learning more about the children’s book publishing world – Matthew Paul Turner, author of When God Made You and When I Pray for You, will read his books, his favorite books by other authors, and answer your questions. Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, you’ll enjoy this session with Turner.

10:00 am10:50 am Matthew Turner

COWARDS No one ever says to come alive is like a death.

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July 12, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
“If we die before we wake, that will be a shame.”

What happens if we never wake up to the beauty that is our authentic self?

Drew Heaton and Sandeigh Kennedy, who helm the musical collective Cedars, invite you into a discussion about an ongoing journey towards an authentic life and what making authentic art has looked for them so far. Growing up in the church, being rejected by the church, rejecting the church, and currently looking for the Divine everywhere, they will share music, art, and poetry in hopes to spark conversation and connection.

12:00 am Cedars