Mama Bear Den – Campsite #431

July 13, 20199:00 am6:00 pm
The stories of parents disowning their LGBTQ+ ‘kids’ are numerous and heartbreaking. Stories like these inspire these Mama Bears and allies, to stand in the gap, affirming and embracing our LGBTQ+ kids and the community.

We’re are thrilled to have the opportunity to do just that at this year’s Wild Goose, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve created a space in campsite #431 we’re calling the “Mama Bear Den.” During the weekend, Mama Bears and allies will be available to listen, provide encouragement, give hugs, offer homemade cookies, and have cold water available.

Just like all attendees, we look forward to taking part in all the Goose has to offer, so if we’re not at the site when you stop by, we’ll try to leave word of where you might find us. The Mamas and allies will also be donning identifying pins shirts throughout the weekend, and are always ready to hug on the fly!

The Mama Bear Den crew is thrilled to be Co-Creators at this year’s Wild Goose!
Whether you’re a hugger, a high-fiver, or a fist-pumper, we’re looking forward to meeting you! The Mama Bear Den is located in campsite #431

12:00 am Mama Bear Den