Living Outside the Box

July 12, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
There is much transition going on as it relates to Christianity. The old church model is that folks come to a gathered space to worship. This model is no longer an effective model. I would look at the history of the church which has gone through four stages and is trying to transition to a fifth. Living outside of this fourth model means that we must not move into our world but it is hard changing paradigms and often the church comes up with new ideas but uses this same model. The church must find ways to be present in our world. Jesus last words were one of commissioning the disciples to go into the world and respond to real hunger. This class would involve reflecting on how we can transition from an old ineffective model of church to living outside that box. The church is still very much needed it’s just how we live out that need.
12:00 am Sistah Soul