I am Lost, and Finding My Way out of the Darkness

July 13, 201911:00 am11:50 am
Titled, “I am lost, and finding my way out of the darkness.” My presentation will focus on what it is like to be a healer, spiritual leader or community leader, and find yourself lost in depression or a negative headspace or similar, while others are still counting on you to help guide them on their path. It will cover a range of emotions we feel and experience, places we find ourselves in mentally and spiritually, ways to recharge ourselves as healers so that we can find our way out of the challenging spaces we may find ourselves in as “life happens.” Offering techniques on how to pull out of the negative headspace and to help guide others out as well. Maintaining balance, taking time for regeneration and self care, and well as how to teach it to others. A heartfelt journey of words and healing that takes you down the path so many of us find ourselves in but are so afraid to talk about, let alone face…and how to find ourselves again on the other side.
12:00 am Zenaida Chandler