#GenInterfaith: Interfaith Families, Interfaith Identities

July 12, 20199:00 am9:50 am
How are interfaith families navigating our increasingly complex religious landscape? Interfaith family expert Susan Katz Miller, author of two books on the subject, brings the latest news from #GenInterfaith. Miller–who is both an interfaith child, and an interfaith parent–weaves her own story into a tapestry created by hundreds of interfaith family stories she has collected as a journalist. A growing proportion of people in the U.S. now have extended interfaith family members–an atheist uncle, a Jewish step-grandmother, a Hindu son-in-law. In her new book, The Interfaith Family Journal (2019), Miller provides interactive prompts, exercises and activities to help interfaith couples and families discern the most harmonious pathway for their own circumstances–whether that means celebrating one religion, or two, or all, or none. Come hear Miller’s stories, tell your own story of complex or interfaith religious practice, and bring your questions and concerns for a lively discussion on a topic that touches us all.

12:00 am Susan Katz Miller