Conversations With America

July 12, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
This is a critical time of widely contrasting ideas and unsettling behaviors in America. We have decisions to make about what directions we will take in our future, based upon informed understandings and consideration of varying thoughtful perspectives. These decisions require new kinds of conversations among family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and political and spiritual leaders. Conversations consisting of not just talking, but listening fully to what others are saying. Conversations that help develop each person’s perspectives and opinions from a social, ethical as well as spiritual basis. Conversations that build new personal relationships upon which cooperative decisions can be made. In this session, we will discuss how one’s perspectives are shaped, the need to see issues of conflict from broader vantage points, why new forms of conversations are required, and guidelines for how to discuss difficult social and political topics with others. If we are to make real social progress in upcoming years, it begins with building new bridges of connection among our people. For it is in community that there is not only strength but also a life greatly enriched. This session will include lecture, examples, group discussion, and Q&A.
12:00 am Randy Bell