Church in 3D

July 13, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
“We are rational beings defined by the context of our individual, emotional boundaries…(Mike Phillips)” and perhaps divinity is best experienced as that place just outside our emotional boundaries, as Jalaladdin Rumi eloquently put it, as that “field out beyond ideas” where “even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense.”

This is the “post-Christian” church of the future.
In it’s most relevant expression gatherings are rich with experience and emotional connection to the teachings of Jesus. Rooted in the search for better questions and an open-mined, compassionate curiosity rather than affiliation with/ascension to specific beliefs or creeds.

This is “Church in 3D” exploring the divine mystery of God and community horizontally – discovering the mystery between us in dialectical moments and emotionally rich rituals of music, movement, and memory. These three dimensions of worship seek to find community resonance in diversity through rituals and experiences of vulnerable expression. As well as, participation that invite us beyond our emotional, and intellectual, boundaries…

…an experience which allows us to be present and in the moment; an experience that engages all of the senses leading to questions and moments of self-compassion and compassion for others. Music, message, story, media, and dialogue seek the sacred in the secular instead of presuming the secular must be transformed by the sacred – recognizing there is no duality, but only levels of perception not yet awakened. Threads of connection, Church in 3D, invites community-centered, participatory worship that expands emotional boundaries within our self and towards others.

12:00 am Tom McDermott