Apocalypse Anonymous: Rooted in Fellowship

July 13, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
In a complex world of dizzying and accelerating change, Americans are distracted, rushed and anxious.
A deep concern about the direction we’re moving is compounded by feelings of powerlessness to
change course. There is scant “bandwidth” to gain our bearings, even as we are aware of the gravity of
what’s at stake in today’s world.
The idea of exceptionalism and progress has been the foundation of the American worldview, our sense
of security and the promise of future prosperity. Yet we are witnessing the breakdown of norms and
systems upon which we have depended and largely taken for granted. In some cases they no longer
serve us, in others they actively hinder our progress and, at worst, they threaten our very existence.
Climate change and sophisticated weapons of mass destruction loom on the global stage.
When confronted by the critical implications of rapid, unsettling change, a common response is to
isolate and waver between impending doom and numbness, between hysterical hedonism and sad
loneliness. How do we gain our bearings and reclaim our hope in the midst of uncertainty? Join Sr.
Quincy Howard to learn how the 12 Step Fellowship structure of Al-Alon can help us engage
authentically with our world as we move through epic times.
12:00 am Sister Quincy Howard, OP