Accessing Faith: Panel Discussion

July 12, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
“Going to a new church as a disabled person is a brave act.” These words, spoken by Shannon Dingle, are bold truth for her as a person of faith who is disabled and mother to children with disabilities. Often, once a ramp is built many faith communities believe ‘access’ is complete. Yes, physical accessibility is important – but so much more is needed. What does ‘access’ mean – especially when it comes to communities of faith? How do faith communities become accessible for people across the physical and neurodiverse disability spectrum? How do issues of economics, race, gender and sexuality impact accessibility needs? The answers to these questions are not simple. We propose these answers come as we listen – and listen deeply – to the stories of those with lived disability and faith experiences. We invite you to join this ongoing, much-needed conversation.
12:00 am Carrie Craig
12:00 am Jasmin Morrell
12:00 am Heather Morgan